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Don’t waste money on online advertising!

Posted on April 24, 2014

What checks do when you assess online advertising opportunities for your business?

How do you know you’re not about to waste your money when you partner with a new digital advertising platform?

Recently I have been working with small business in the Morzine area to help with their digital presence. In the process I have come across both advertising opportunities and intermediaries for offering opportunities for these businesses to promote their services. Some of these may well be great, but not all are 100% correct for the needs of the businesses I have been working with. Yet when the sales pitch is coming at you it can be tough to sort the wheat from the chaff at times.

To help clear this up, and provide some structure for small businesses to use I thought I would share my approach. This is a fairly lengthy read, but I hope it will be useful to you.

At the end you’ll find the gift of a super helpful comparison chart download as a thanks for reading!

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Mountain Base offer

Why you should link your PR with your digital strategy for epic wins

Posted on March 20, 2014

Recently MountainBase – a small independent chalet company in the awesome resort of Morzine – had a coup with their PR.

Thanks to an offer posted on their Facebook page to pay the fines for UK families who took their children out of school for a holiday, they suddenly found themselves being spoken about by some big media outlets including Radio 5, ITV, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, the BBC,  the front page of The Times and many more. For a small unknown business operating a single chalet in Morzine it is the stuff of dreams.

Whatever the feelings about the content, It was great to see a little chalet company from my home town of Morzine leading a charge in the press.

Today  I am not commenting from a PR point of view  as I am not a PR professional. However from a digital strategy perspective sadly they missed a couple of tricks with this push which I wanted to explore today. Hopefully next time around they can go one step further and deliver digital awesomeness as well as exposure.

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idea isn't unique

Your idea’s not that unique, and that’s a good thing

UNIQUE Ideas are a funny thing, they don’t really exist.

As the popular story goes, you’ll be wandering around one day and {BANG} just like that you’ll have your eureka moment. That moment of ultimate clarity, where the complexities of the world fade into the background and the solution to it all is sitting right in front of you. It’s crystal clear, it’s accessible and it’s oh so simple. So simple in fact “why hasn’t anyone done it before?” you may ask yourself. Well that’s just the thing, someone probably has!

But contrary to what you might think, this is actually a good thing.

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writer's block

Getting over writer’s block

2014 has brought with it a new advent of productivity for me.

Having set up this blog back in 2012 I have suffered 2 false starts and a long period out in the wilderness, avoiding typing in the URL as much as possible. I didn’t want to see the site, I wanted to forget it was there completely. From time to time I’d come back and have a quick spurt of enthusiasm, I might change the categories or reword the about page. Every 6 months I’d change the theme entirely, searching for a new one which I was convinced would lead to more creativity and enthusiasm on my part to write.*

*(sound familiar to anyone? Or is that just me?)

But in total honesty this was procrastination and avoidance of the real issue:

blogging is bloody hard!

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