How (not) to launch a start-up – 2 key lessons learnt through failure

Posted on June 13, 2012

It’s easy to be flippant about failure and I hope that I am not being that!

I also know that writing about start-up failures is not necessarily a new topic for the blogging world. However what makes this post different is that this one is about a personal experience straight from the man that made the mistakes himself. I think it’s fitting to start my blog off with this post. Not only because there are some really valuable lessons to be learnt and shared with you, but also from now on, whatever I post going forward and however harsh it might sound at times, you will know that I have experienced the bitterness of failure myself and am therefore able to both empathise and objectively review a situation.  The following is a brutal account of what I got wrong at the start of one of my ventures and the 2 key lessons I want to share with you.

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