Why you should embrace agile marketing to succeed as a startup

Posted on June 21, 2012

Over the past few months I have been increasingly discussing the relevance and growth of agility in marketing. It seems to me that the marketing industry, especially the digital arm of the industry, is forever undergoing an identity crisis. Am I an online marketer, a digital marketer, an inbound marketer, a content marketer etc etc? Each month there seems to be the latest trend or newly coined phrase that perfectly describes “what it is we do”. For the most part I tend to ignore this as it’s a needless distraction, and anyway I’m an online marketer and most of the time that covers what is being discussed. However, I have found recently the increasing relevance of the term “agility” when it comes to describing what I do and what I believe we should all do.

Agile marketing is a burgeoning term, perhaps that is even a little too strong to describe it as such, but is one that all marketers and startups should take heed of. With the fast paced, “always on”, fragmented marketing landscape we negotiate today, the ability to move fast, be both reactive and proactive and always remain in touch with the customer is what separates the leaders from the losers.

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