Challenges of digital innovation for large corporates

Although Dilbert published the above strip in 2009 my experience shows this problem remains today, when large corporates look to embrace digital innovation. There is a real disconnect between the speed of advancement in the digital industry and the ability for large corporates to react to it which leads to inefficiencies and lost opportunities across the board.

I love the digital industry, I see it as a massive race. If it were an actual race it would probably look more like a speedy fun run than a 100 metre sprint vs Usain Bolt … thank god, as otherwise the rest of us have no chance!

But, as with a fun run, there are others around you also running, also heading in the same direction and helping to inspire you and pull you along when you drop back (and vice versa of course). But at it’s very core it’s still a race, things move forward quickly and if you aren’t running at all, then you quickly get left behind (perhaps as you the reader may have just been with this analogy?).

It is this issue I want to explore a little with this post, as it’s something I am experiencing in a new role these days in a large corporation.

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