Why you should link your PR with your digital strategy for epic wins

Posted on March 20, 2014

Recently MountainBase – a small independent chalet company in the awesome resort of Morzine – had a coup with their PR.

Thanks to an offer posted on their Facebook page to pay the fines for UK families who took their children out of school for a holiday, they suddenly found themselves being spoken about by some big media outlets including Radio 5, ITV, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, the BBC,  the front page of The Times and many more. For a small unknown business operating a single chalet in Morzine it is the stuff of dreams.

Whatever the feelings about the content, It was great to see a little chalet company from my home town of Morzine leading a charge in the press.

Today  I am not commenting from a PR point of view  as I am not a PR professional. However from a digital strategy perspective sadly they missed a couple of tricks with this push which I wanted to explore today. Hopefully next time around they can go one step further and deliver digital awesomeness as well as exposure.

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