Who is Ed Tucker?

Hello, I am Ed Tucker.

I am a Digital Strategist.

Some people build websites and apps, others design amazing visuals, I am the guy who helps you work out what you should be building and why. My aim is to do this in plain English so you can clearly understand exactly where the opportunities lie and how to make the most of them.

By day I  work in Geneva for Blue Infinity and deliver digital awesomeness for a variety of clients. By late evening and night I freelance for people looking to do amazing things in the digital space, and I also work on my personal project Loco.li.

I’m proud to say that following lots of study, caffiene and a year with no weekends at all I managed to get one of these:

IDM Graduate

This was for the Diploma in Digital Marketing, I’m also a Google Analytics Certified Individual but they won’t give me a badge - just this link - to prove it.

At the weekends I’m a skier, cyclist and a bit more Loco.li

What is this blog about?

Glad you asked!

This blog is my very personal view on the state of digital marketing, skiing, biking, living in France and trying to make a million, shared via my own experiences, opinions and thoughts. Hopefully it will be of some use to people, either educational or purely entertainment wise, and rather than having a specific plan or roadmap I’m just going to keep writing, building, shipping and testing and will just see where it takes me.

Thanks for reading and commenting,